What we do

You know your target audience - we can help you to reach and engage them in a truly meaningful way. With EI, you have access to experts in quantitative data mining and qualitative interpretation to ensure your B2B marketing activities are precisely targeted and executed.

You can develop an evidence-based, highly targeted strategy that begins with in-depth market intelligence, underpinned by our unique in-house database. This is followed by campaign planning negotiation and measurement of your activation approach. We work flexibly with these parameters to suit you - and as we are independent, you are guaranteed an impartial opinion.

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    Market intelligence icon

    Market intelligence

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    Independent, primary research into B2B media markets, providing in-depth analysis to identify the best-performing activities that match our client’s brief.

    • Unique in-house database tracks events, broad business, trade media and associations
    • Identifying leading activities reaching your target audience
    • Independent advice on best engagement strategy to maximise value
    • Range of report types across media channels and hot topics
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    Planning and negotiation icon

    Planning and negotiation

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    Independent, evidence-based campaign planning to resolve complex media challenges, supplemented with negotiation services to ensure maximum value is achieved.

    • Integrated B2B engagement planning to reach audiences in a smart, strategic way
    • Leveraging market intelligence to devise powerful marketing campaigns
    • Tailored sponsorships and integrated, multi-channel programs
    • Independent third-party sponsorship negotiation for maximum value
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    Performance management icon

    Performance management

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    Sponsorship activation and performance management, measuring campaign success and optimising throughout the delivery of a media strategy with genuine return on investment.

    • Post-negotiation support with sponsorship execution
    • Negotiation statements to log all deals, packages and savings centrally
    • Performance measurement in-flight
    • Reporting on post-activity performance, enabling improvement for a repeat strategy

Their honesty and neutrality means that I don’t feel hoodwinked and they genuinely listen.

The EI team end up being skilled advocates of their clients’ brands.

So thorough and comprehensive – not just a glorified middleman.

The EI team have a great understanding of their clients' needs at a granular level which seems to make their proposals more meaningful.

They really add value by making us think outside the box and working with them definitely feels more like a partnership.