Market intelligence

Independent, primary research into B2B media markets, providing in-depth analysis to identify the best-performing activities that match our client’s brief.

EI’s independent, primary research helps our clients make smarter marketing decisions in complex B2B markets. We take a layered approach to every client brief, providing detailed analysis on the media market, the leading opportunities within that market, and the best ways to engage at each. Ultimately, we devise a robust go-to-market strategy that reaches and resonates with our client’s target audience. Our unique and ever-growing in-house database of media and event providers, which we have been building for the past decade, is an invaluable tool in our tracking and research process, which, combined with the in-house expertise of our analyst team, gives evidence-backed advice to our clients.

Research Methodology

We begin by tracking the entire marketplace, using our proprietary database and analyst expertise, to achieve due diligence and highlight any new entrants to the market. Following this, we filter down to the best-performing activities, based on parameters including audience reach, and identify those activities which best suit the client’s objectives. All our advice is supported by data, giving our clients a business case to participate in the activities we recommend.

Diversity of Reporting Types

EI produces a variety of reporting types and tailored projects, including:

Recommended Events Listing identifying the best events in a particular media space against a client brief.

Concise Campaign Report identifying the best events, trade media and associations in a particular media space against a client brief.

Campaign Report / Halo Report identifying the best broad business media to partner with on a specific campaign, with optional inclusion of events, trade media and associations.

Tailored Project including a combination of any of the above elements, or the addition of other elements not included in the above.

Thematic Report identifying what is being discussed in the media around a specific topic, or by a specific job title or industry.

Post-Event Report assessing an event that a client has sponsored, including event turnout, client and supplier perspectives, and recommendations on repeat engagement.

Account-Based Reporting providing deep dives into clients’ key account(s).

Event Assessment providing insight into a specific event of interest, including information on audience, content and engagement opportunities.

“We have spent the past 10 years developing our proprietary global opportunity mapping system, which tracks over 8,500 trade and broad business media, conference companies, websites, industry associations, business schools, government bodies, think tanks, academic institutions and trade associations globally.”


What Makes Us Different?

  1. Our standout approach to developing a deep-rooted understanding of B2B audiences, the content they prefer, and where they go to find it.·        

  2. With a sole focus on B2B media intelligence, we have developed a deep knowledge on niche markets.

  3. Our proprietary in-house database is a powerful tool that helps us to scan the entire B2B market, giving us evidence to back up our recommendations.·        

  4. We are experts in solving complex, niche media challenges, in an independent way.