Performance management

Sponsorship activation and performance management, measuring campaign success and optimising throughout the delivery of a media strategy with genuine return on investment.

EI views campaign performance management as continued client support, post-negotiation, to ensure the campaign delivers on its promise. This is carried out through: Performance measurement in-flight, with optimisation where possible; close communication with both the client and media provider throughout the process, from inception to execution and beyond; and post-activity assessment, collecting and sharing feedback from all parties not only on how the activity performed, but on how it can be improved in its next phase. This process is applicable to projects of all scales and timeframes, from quick-to-action short programmes, to multi-year campaigns.

What Does Success Mean to Us? A view from multiple perspectives.

“What does success look like?” is a question that we ask our clients, so that we can make sure that we deliver campaigns that genuinely fulfil their objectives and give them tangible results that they can take to their businesses. We also ask this question of the media suppliers that we work with, not only to benchmark results against industry standards, but also to make sure that the client’s and media provider’s measures of success are aligned, paving the way for a fruitful collaboration. Finally, we ask this question of ourselves, ultimately delivering a project that answers the client’s questions and enables them to see their KPIs reflected in the campaign that we help to create for them.

EI Negotiation Sheets

Where EI leads the negotiation, we provide reporting on:

•       The original Package offered by the media provider

•       The additional benefits that EI secured for the client

•       The final price point that was agreed between EI and the media provider, therefore saving induced and value added for the client

•       Nuances of all the above to be captured for future reference

•       Brief comment from client marketing team and EI Client Relations team 

Post-Activity Reporting


After each activity in a campaign has taken place, EI can provide post-activity reporting, including:

•       Analysis of delegates or audience reached

•       For events, analysis of speakers and agenda content

•       Analysis on the sponsorship package delivery, and performance outcome based on original objectives

•       Comments from the client, the media provider and EI, offering a 360° view of the activity

•       Key takeaways and recommendations collated into one shareable document for marketers, enabling continuous improvements year-on-year for each activity you sponsor