Planning and negotiation

Independent, evidence-based campaign planning to resolve complex media challenges, supplemented with negotiation services to ensure maximum value is achieved.

Our approach to strategic planning and negotiation for B2B media, events and content stems from our market intelligence, which is used as the basis for building campaigns. Our market intelligence tackles the challenge of which activities best reach our clients’ target audiences, and how to engage them in a meaningful way. Following this, our planning ensures that these activities are integrated, offering consistent presence in the market and touchpoints with the audience throughout the year. Our negotiation capabilities enable a truly end-to-end service, linking research to action, ultimately bringing the campaigns to life.

Delivering campaigns rooted in evidence

Marketing spend is always under analysis and demands accountability, meaning you need to have confidence in your business choices. As a true independent, EI helps marketers link business and media strategies in an effective, evidence-based way that gives you the assurance to promote your plan internally. And the results and return on investment speak volumes.

 “They present my challenges back to me, then present the solutions and they are normally absolutely the right thing to do.”

Planning Truly Integrated Campaigns

For each priority media space, EI will devise a strategy of events and activities that ensure:

  • A balance across the calendar year, dovetailing with our client’s current calendar of proprietary events and other client activities relevant to the brief        

  • A balance across recommended media suppliers to ensure maximum exposure to different databases and formats 

  • A consistent approach across different events and activities, resulting in consistent and continuous presence and messaging

  • Evolution throughout the duration of the campaign plan, in strategic phases in order to achieve our client’s objectives

  • Accounting for competitor engagement and how to differentiate for maximum impact, through focused brand presence, thought leadership and relationships

Effective Negotiation: Understanding the Client

Marketers want to work with a company that approaches business with the same care and consideration they do. Our agile team of experts is one of our greatest advantages – it means that our clients work with a company that understands their business and objectives. Using this knowledge, we negotiate sponsorships to get the most value for our clients to achieve those objectives.

EI’s specialist sponsorship negotiation and booking includes:

•       Tailoring sponsorship packages precisely to objectives around: Highly focused brand and presence, demonstrating thought leadership, and lead generation

•       Securing the most competitive prices for those tailored packages

•       Due diligence on all package deliverables

•       Saving time & hassle for marketing departments

•       Streamlining processes for procurement

•       KPI Reporting